This morning was a chilly one. I intended on talking my normal walk, but I had to run to warm up. It's gone quickly from 75 degrees in the mornings to 50. If you can get in a walk for even 10 minutes every day, that is a major accomplishment. You should get a medal. Ellen Trout Zoo is here to make sure that you do.

The morning temperatures might not stay in the 50's but this virtual walk run will continue through the entire month of October. Walking or running on your favorite path or treadmill at home is all the challenge requires. You can even do it with a small group of friends practicing social distancing.

The challenge starts tomorrow October 1st, 2020. Just walk or run as much as you can during the month. The virtual walk/run goes though October 31st, 2020. It's all online, and it all starts with excepting the challenge and clicking this link.

Just a $35 ticket gets each person a T-Shirt to commemorate your donation and achievement from Small to 2X sizes, and a race medal. Once the challenge is over in November stop by the zoo and pick up your T-Shirt and medal.

All proceeds benefit the Ellen Trout Zoo & Friends of the Ellen Trout Zoo. The shirt design is bright and colorful (below), and you could even get your kids to join. Don't get caught sleeping in on this one, it's all getting started tomorrow.

Ellen Trout Zoo
Ellen Trout Zoo

Sign up so you get all the official 'brag swag' and show your support for the Ellen Trout Zoo. I think this is a great idea to encouraging people to stay active in Deep East Texas as the temperatures drop.

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