Have you ever put something on your Amazon wish list, hoping one day that someone would get it for you? Never thinking that it would actually happen?  James hooked me up with my dream instrument today.

I have tons of things I could tell you about the operation of this little devise. But most of those things on the box are in Chinese, or Japanese. Either way it was for sure manufactured in China. Nothing this annoying could ever come from the good old USA.  Well the Otamatone is stateside, my Amazon Wish list has come to life.

I haven't really gotten the hang of playing it yet. I can really only make annoying noises right now. So of course I had to go around the building and bug all of my co-workers to death. The strange thing about it is that to listen to someone else play with it, well it's just very annoying. But the second you put it in there hands, its an amazing new world of sound. I will be playing with this thing forever.  This is the best birthday present I got this year. Sorry for the the rest of you that tried, but James wins the prize.




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