I'm a car guy. I take pride in my ride and you should too. It's not actually hard to keep your car clean in East Texas. You could keep dishing out money to the auto-wash spots. or you can make it your hobby to keep that car sparkling all year around. Just like any hobby you can go too far.  These are the bare essentials, but all high quality products.

Change the game with this professional grade pump sprayer, that can foam your entire car.  You can also use this to wash your entire car if you live in an apartment. Try this entry level pressure washer. This is great for washing a car when you have access to outside water faucets.

Amazon's Choice for Electric Pressure Washers is the Sun Joe SPX3000

You'll need some microfiber towels. You can get a dozen for around $20.

Get rid of dirt, grease, and more with this sudsy foam. Also comes in watermelon, and can be applied with the aforementioned pump sprayer.

Don't scratch up your expensive baby. Use this super soft microfiber car wash mitt.

The mitts also come in black. This is helpful especially if you have a black vehicle. I use all grey and black on them. If you have ever seen a piece of white string hanging down from your license plate, it's because they used the wrong color, and type of towel at the car wash. It happens even in premium dealerships.

Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel

You can dry your entire car off with this thing in one shot.

New stuff for the detailing hobby is coming out all the time. This is one hobby that you could turn into some cash, once you get good.

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