‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ is tonight. We know.  You don’t watch ‘The Bachelor’ because you enjoy it. Your wife/girlfriend makes you watch it in the hopes that one day you’ll take them on a date as magical as Belize or wherever else ABC can get a “free trip for a two-hour long commercial” deal.

Anyway, after hours of viewing this season we noticed three things 1) the women are all hot but crazy 2) Chris Harrison probably has the greatest gig on TV (besides the ferret on top of Trump’s head that helps him decide who to fire) and 3) Ben Flajnik kisses like a beached blow fish.

‘The Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik is quite possibly the most disgusting kisser in the history of ever. So disgusting, even men are forced to look away, and we’ll watch even the most perverted stuff.

Enjoy this montage of Ben’s most disgusting kisses from ‘The Bachelor.’ You won’t enjoy it. Trust us.

BTW, Adding “nom” sound effects to the make out scenes makes them 10 times more interesting/hilarious. Also, whoever gets paid to play Spanish guitar for the show must have the ultimate job security.

[Special thanks to Jo Pincushion for the awesome supercut video.  Follow her on twitter @JoPincushion or check out her website.]