It would have been hard not to find out about Arby's reopening between Lufkin & Nacogdoches today. Fans of the fast food staple flocked to the new Love's truck stop to get their lips around the first few roast beef sandwiches to be served by the new local outlet of this chain.


You would think that we had never had an Arby's before, but that is far from the case. Lufkin had one, it was in the area of where Casa Ole is today, and Nacogdoches had one leaving town, as recenlty as 2015, and another one in town. So if all these failed, why bring it back?

I think it being somewhere there aren't many options for fast food will help. Plus the brand new over pass, with its promise of one day being a stop on Interstate 69 doesn't hurt. Lots of people showed up today, and hopefully they will keep coming and supporting it.

When I first rolled up in the parking lot, It really seemed like I had pulled into a Bucky's. Though not a large, the area was just as packed at lunch today with a line wrapping all the way to the entrance of the parking lot to get get in the drive though. I usually don't try to go places on opening day, but I wanted to get some film of the occasion, and a few pictures.

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