Westworld secrecy reached a point where showrunners won’t even fill in the initials of “SW,” but a major part of Season 2 may have been unlocked early. By Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy’s own admission, Westworld may include some of its famous film counterparts when the series returns next year.

Even as Season 2 casting has more or less confirmed we’ll get a deeper look at the “SW” park and its samurai occupants, producers have been somewhat cagey about the Roman and medieval counterparts to Westworld that were present in the original 1973 film. That said, Nolan and Joy were asked about those same parks at the recent Vanity Fair Summit, to which they were heard to say “We had to save something for Season 2.”

Around this time last year, production designer Zack Grobler hinted that Season 2 was likely to explore additional parks, just as the next round is said to visit the world outside these massive attractions. After all, if indeed an “SW” park exists, it would stand to reason that the Western world wasn’t the only place Ford and Arnold’s errant code was set into motion.

We’ll likely hear more on Westworld Season 2 as the early 2018 premiere gets within range, but might Nolan and Joy have been stretching the truth?

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