Eagle eyed Nacogdoches native, Garret Czajkowski pointed out on Facebook that the Nacogdoches dragon logo looks awfully similar to the famously violent, Mortal Kombat dragon logo.

See for yourself ...

dragon 3

Can we talk about this indeed! How long have we had that dragon silhouette whipping that tongue at us mockingly? Have people known about this, and just chose not to tell anyone else? A few people are remembering that the publishers of the game actually confronted the school about the logo use, but that could just be the Mandela effect in full ... effect.

The video game, Mortal Kombat came out on October 8th 1992. We've got to know some folks around these parts with yearbooks as far back as '92, right?

I honestly can't recall what the former Nac dragon logos looked like, so I leave it to you ... the audience, to share this post to everyone so we can get to the bottom of exactly when the Nacogdoches dragon started moonlighting as the symbol synonymous with ninjas ripping each others' spinal chords out through their necks.

Are we overreacting? Have other schools pulled from popular video games or movies to sub in for the icon that represents their educational facilities?


It appears that a pupil and some teeth have been added to avoid any real confusion. Maybe because all the pupils in the class will have to sink their teeth into some books?

I'm already sorry.

Can we get a photoshop changing the Pink Panther to the Purple Panther for Lufkin now? I mean no disrespect to the people of Nacogdoches, but at the very least, we can all get a good laugh out of this.


P.S. I'm on to you Marco ... or should I say MARIO! Just kidding of course. That's not Mario's nose.

Chef Marco



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