Mom's Diner via Facebook
Mom's Diner via Facebook

I took some time on my personal Facebook to find out what restaurants that we would miss the most if they left. So many people were polarized by this question. The one thing that I took away was that most people that left the area were the ones that really commented. Here is what I complied from the over 100 responses of the most loved/would miss resturants in East Texas. Places in Lufkin, Nacogodches, Tyler, and Woodville all over.


I didn't know really how to do this, and take out the duplicates, so I just put in the names, then how many times they were mentioned by the over 100 responses!

La Unica (Lots of votes)

Rays Drive In (Lots)

Skyline Burrito Bowl (Lots)

Mom's Diner (lots)



Lone Star Charlie's (Lots)

The Picket House in Woodville

Saki Cafe

Antie Pasta's (So good)

Taco Casa (lots)

Cane's Chicken Fingers

Holy Smokes BBQ (Food Truck, Multiple)

Del Rio

Lufkin BBQ (lots)

Butcher Boys

Chen's China Inn (For Sure!)

Stanley's Famous BBQ Pit (Tyler)


Lia's Kitchen

El Gallo Jr.

Whataburger (All my out of state friends miss this!)


Cotton Patch

So out of the 100 responses, we needed up with 24 must try resturants. If you haven't tried them, you might just be missing out on something amazing! I'm hoping to have some Antie Pasta's this afternoon. I just look forward to dipping that bread in the olive oil. Hope you eat some great food this weekend!

If you are looking to start a conversation that goes big on your facebook page, people don't mind giving you an opinion on food. I think we all eat, and we can all bond over our thoughts about food.






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