Celebrities, inanimate objects, nouns... If you could have named yourself as a 6, 7 or 8 year old child, what would your name be?

Gosh, I miss being a kid. Imagination could take you anywhere and allow you to be anything. For me, that was Crystal. She obviously had the perfect name (sorry mom) and therefore was perfect in my eyes. As Crystal I was the prettiest, the smartest, the most athletic... basically the most boss chick rolling up to the playground on School Bus No. 6.

We all had a name picked out for ourselves, but what if that name stuck?

That's right. I'm asking you to go back down memory lane and think about the name you so wished was yours. The identity you prayed for at night. The alias that was like a shot of adrenaline and confidence in your tiny little arm. Your "Sasha Fierce."

What would your name have been? Tell us in the comments below.

Here are just a few of the names I've gotten from friends on social media...

Topanga Lawrence

Brenda Chase, Getty Images

So many great characters from movies or shows whom we wanted to be in real life. Along with my friend Sabrina who gave me this idea, I also loved Topanga Lawrence as a kid. She wasn't afraid to be herself and she ended up with the sweetest, most loving boy in the school (also the lead in the show... SCORE).

Pudge Rodriguez

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

Obviously athletes can have a huge impact on our lives. A legend with the Texas Rangers, my friend Ben said he would have named himself "Pudge Rodriguez.' Since he couldn't name himself, his childhood dog received the honor.


Blue space , stars background
Zaporozhtsev Denis, ThinkStock Images

Who says you need to be named after a person? Kids love things that are pretty, cool, fast, fun, etc. My cousin always told me to call her Star back in the day. I thought she was crazy, now I think it's always been her style to shine bright (but not like a diamond, Rihanna).


shaving razor isolated on a white background
Canonzoom, ThinkStock Images

Obviously, a name like Razor is a lot cooler than that thing in your bathroom that gets rid of unwanted hair. Razor means speed, sharpness, and straight up "don't mess with me" mentality.


Happy little girl laying on the grass holding a flower
Marie-T, ThinkStock Images

Sometimes we just like another name, kind of like me with the name Crystal. My friend Megan reiterated this when she told me she wanted to be Leslie, or Brett. Apparently there is something in a name, at least to a child.

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