The Yellow Pages website lists what they call 27 psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, and astrologist. If you scroll down the list you will see that a few of these gifted people are actually listed twice.

One that isn't yet listed in the Yellow Pages is Full Moon Children located at 302 Mantooth Avenue, inside Black Spot Tattoo Company.

Megan Harbuck has been reading cards since 2015, and she's just now decided to make it into a career. Putting her abilities out there is a good way to get more people to get readings.

Reading tarot for me is about helping people. My clients come to me for a variety of reasons; but it doesn't matter what the reason is, I will use tarot to help guide them on the right path. I will never tell someone something crazy like "You're going to die next Thursday!" or "You're going to have something terrible happen!" ~ Megan Harbuck - Full Moon Children

I've met Megan, and she is an extremely wise person. You'll immediately get a sense that she has an old soul. I think this helps her greatly with her tarot readings.

All I do is give advice. However, I must stress that getting your cards read is for entertainment purposes only; I am not a therapist nor a doctor. I'm just a person who wants to help others in a unique and interesting way. ~ Megan Harbuck

Now while she says the card reading is for "entertainment purposes" only, the Lufkin community knows Megan to take her work very seriously. We can never know what events guided her to start this business, and the universe does work in mysterious ways.

Appointment only. 
Appointment Scheduling - Monday through Saturday, from 2pm to 8pm.
1 hour session is $20.
Address: 302 Mantooth Avenue, inside Black Spot Tattoo Company.

Megan highly encourages her first timers to bring a friend if nervous.

Another cool factor that sets Megan's tarot reading apart from others is that her card set is uniquely designed.

My mother, Sarah Harbuck, designed my "Watercolor Galaxy" tarot card set; every single card was hand painted. Similarly, my "Fortune" deck was designed by Elena Fortune, an artist from Massachusetts currently studying fashion in New York City. Those cards were hand drawn." ~ Megan Harbuck

Skeptics and believers alike will see what it's all about if they set up an appointment with Megan. Heck, if you know your friend has an upcoming session to get ink at the Black Spot Tattoo Company you should try to schedule a tarot reading alongside their session.

Sarah Harbuck
Sarah Harbuck


You will get some good advice and have fun too. Here are some pictures of Megan's tarot deck.


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