Two roadhouses are set to battle it out in Lufkin on Loop 287. Just a stone's throw from each other in Lufkin. Monday July 26th, at 4pm, they will both be open and competing for the same customers. UPDATE: The new Texas Roadhouse will be voluntarily delaying their opening due to an employee testing positive for Covid. New Opening Date is Wednesday August 4th.

Though these two restaurant chains have similarities, they also have many differences. I won't get into saying one is better than the other as that's a matter of personal taste.

From a financial point of view, Texas Roadhouse has been the more fiscally stable of the two. Logan's Roadhouse has been bought and sold many times. The last time was only a year or so ago, and luckily for us they were bought, or ours would be closed along with all the others.

One Big Difference?

There are lots of differences, but the one big thing that sets them apart in Lufkin is Loop 287. Okay, I've got jokes. Here is the one big difference. It's the rolls.

Logan's Roadhouse has butter on their roles with whipped butter served table side. Texas Roadhouse rolls don't glisten under the lights, and come with a bit of sweet cinnamon honey butter on the side.

The rolls at Texas Roadhouse seem a little more substantial, but they are both strangely reminiscent of each other. Like a brother and sister adopted into different families.

What's The Same?

They both have peanuts table side, or they don't, depending on what stage of the lingering Covid-19 pandemic we are in.

Both have had numerous lawsuits from customers and harassment from health inspectors over the years because of said peanut shells thrown all over the floors.

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"Neither one of them have a Patrick Swayze. God rest his soul. So neither one of them are "that" Roadhouse. At least not the one portrayed in movies." - Chris Cobb, the station engineer.

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