American Idol Season 11 is (finally) down to two contestants, who 'sang for their lives' last night during the show's season finale, part one.

Will 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez, known as 'the tiny girl with the big voice' be crowned the winner? If she does, she'll be the first female to win since Jordan Sparks in 2007. Or will it be heartthrob Phillip Phillips from Leesburg, GA, who makes teen girls swoon at the sound of his voice and guitar-playing skills?

According to the judges, it seemed as though they favored Phillips over Sanchez, saying "Dude I love the song, I love the production. Everything about that was perfect," (Randy Jackson) and "That was a Phillip song and there is nothing on the radio that sounds like that." (Jennifer Lopez)

Who do you think will win? Vote for your favorite below, then tune in tonight at 7pm (CT) to watch the finale!

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform 'Change Nothing'

Watch Phillip Phillips Perform 'Home':