Recently, Will Smith put down his script and picked up his clippers to help his son Jaden Smith prepare for a new movie. He revealed as much with an Facebook post indicating he'd chopped off The Get Down actor's famous dreads to help the 18-year-old actor.

In the photos, which you can see for yourself below, we see the Fresh Prince holding up the blonde-colored dreads he's just cut off the top of his son's head, and in the next picture, we see him positioning the dreads atop his own head, as Jaden blankly stares into the camera.

"Getting Jaden Smith ready for the first day of filming #LifeInAYear...maybe I should’ve used scissors?!" Will captioned the post with both photos.

The film he's preparing Jaden for is called Life In A Year, a new romance story following one teenage boy's (Jaden Smith) mission to offer his girl terminally ill girlfriend (Cara Delevigne) an entire life's worth of experiences in just one year's time. Delevigne acted alongside Jaden's father in last year's Warner Bros. epic, Suicide Squad. Will is also producing the film.

According to People, Jaden's also been spotted on the set of the film in Toronto, and apparently, he's his blonde hair is no more. He's using his natural hair color for the movie. There's no real word on when Life In A Year will hit theaters.

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