Will Smith's musical resurgence is in full swing. Yesterday (Sept. 27), the Fresh Prince joined Latin crooner Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny for some lavish fun in their video for "Está Rico," a genre-fusing new track that marks Smith's third new release this year.

In the video, we see Will Smith, Anthony and Bad Bunny kick it with several beautiful women as their new tune soundtracks a night of dancing, card games and other dope stuff. Looks like they had a pretty good time.

On the song itself, Smith, who dropped off his last album Lost and Found 15 years ago, delivers some festive vibes with a lighthearted verse. He even jumps into some Spanish.

"Hola, yes, it's the Prince/In an unmarked car with the tints/Marc Anthony with the new anthem/Yeah, I know, is a lil' intense," Smith spits on the track.

"Está Rico" is just another step in Smith's long, winding road back to music making. Three years ago, Smith revealed that he'd been in the studio with Kanye West. Ever since then, he's shown signs of jumping back into this rap thing every so often.

Earlier this year, he teamed with up with Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi for a new song by the name of "Live It Up." Around that same time, he teamed up with Nicky Jam and his son Jaden Smith for a reggaeton remix to Jaden's "Icon." Will we be getting an album soon? It's hard to say, but it's definitely safe to the I Am Legend star is getting back in his bag.

Watch the video for "Está Rico" and Will Smith's social media post about the song below.

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