Hot, Humid, Heat Advisories and other words that start with H have been the norm over the past few days in Deep East Texas. Then add those pop up Thunderstorm happening somewhere here every afternoon. Yesterdays didn't effect me much. Tuesday was crazy hard at the station for an hour. There is no heat advisory for today, but it will still get up to around 96 degrees, with the humidity at around 82%. That makes for a heat index as high as 104 today, August 22nd, 2019.

There is hope for cooler weather this Friday with a high of 93. It's not exactly sweater weather, but we'll take it. The chance of rain goes up, with a 30% chance on Friday and a 40% chance on Saturday. If you're the one that gets rain dumped on you for an hour, it's 100% there. These storms when they pop up, usually don't move much, and can dump a ton of water very quickly.

We should enjoy it while we can.  A few showers during the week, will still cool things off. Sadly it adds to the already high humidity. I'll take that any day, because starting Monday we are done with the rain chances. Hotter with clear skies, and heat index around 112 could be the norm for next week. We have made it through the summer here with no burn bans so far, but with a lack of rain and high daytime temperatures that could change quickly. Hope you are having a great week.

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