Looking for something to do to after Christmas, while school is out? How about an adventure. Does that sound like fun? Naw? This is a cool place for you to get some fresh friends before you go back to class. It's hard to be around people sometimes after an entire two weeks in your room playing Fortnight.

Okay the kids are done reading now. This is a place that for $75 will watch your kids, while you have to work the 4 days after the week of Christmas, got it? Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation is good like that. They are helping you out. Kids gotta be somewhere, and when they lack purpose or supervision things get out of hand.

Let them burn some of that energy, and ease back into the routine. Activities include arts and crafts, gymnastics, and more. They will also provide snacks, plus it's like almost all day 8:30 - 4pm. Shoot, that's longer than school lasts sometimes. You might even get those two stories a day for the website that the office requires. Stranger things have happened.

So it's actually just 4 days of the week. You know they know you have New Years off. So you have to watch your own kids that day. If you want more details, CLICK HERE for their facebook. If you want more silly stories about mundane things CLICK HERE.

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