Usually now (Mid-March to Mid April) is the best time to see the beautiful Azaleas here in Deep East Texas. There is even a route map with over 25 miles of residential areas in Nacogdoches that feature the beautiful blooms. This year due to a hard freeze during Winter Storm Uri the Azaleas have gone missing.

Officials at the SFA Gardens say not to worry, and that they most likely aren't dead. For now the best thing we can do is, nothing. Just relax and wait, they are no doubt hurt, but there is still hope. Wait for spring growth to kick in, and then prune when you can. Then you will be able see what is growing and what is not. It is just still too early to tell what is going to happen.

Visit Nacogdoches
Visit Nacogdoches

Certainly there will not be a huge bloom like normal for 2021, but some will make an appearance. Flower aficionados from all over the world come to visit Nacogdoches and see the 8 acre Ruby M. Mize Azalea garden. Nacogdoches isn't only billed as the 'Oldest Town In Texas' and we are still 'The Garden Capital of Texas.' Visit for more information on the garden, and the best time to plan your visit.

Now that the freeze is past us, you could still plant your own Azalea plant this year, or an entire garden. The best time to plant is in the late spring or early fall. The deciduous variants are the hardiest and can be grown further north than here. Be careful as to what kind you plant, as some can grown over 29 feet tall.

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