It's official.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and his beloved Amber Rose, a former girlfriend of Kanye West, are married.

The affectionate couple, parents to son Sebastian, born February 2013, decided to wed officially but are saving the ceremony for the fall.

The 'Black and Yellow' rapper explained (quote courtesy of Us Weekly) why the Pennsylvania pair --he's from Pittsburgh, she's a Philly girl -- chose to get the license out of the way first. It sounds like Amber was still losing baby weight and they wanted to save all the beauty (and partying) that goes hand-in-hand with a ceremony for later in the year, without delaying the legal end of things.

"We’re gonna get, like, licensed marriage, in a couple weeks we’ll have that done … When you have the ceremony, that’s when you can invite the family,” he said. “She can fit into a dress … If we have a daughter one day, she might wanna give the dress to our daughter, but if she’s pregnant then she can’t do that.”

How romantic and thoughtful Wiz is! No wonder Rose is so cray cray about him.

Plus, Rose wants to enjoy the nuptials. He said, "She wants to get drunk!," which she obvs could not do while she was preggers.

Rose posted a photo of her and Wiz engaged in a big ol' smooch, posting: "Happily Ever After." These two kids, soooooooo in love!

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