A couple on TikTok went viral after sharing they have never kissed, even though they are happily committed to each other in their two-year relationship.

In a video shared to TikTok and watched over 2.4 million times, Kaytlin O'Neall shared she plans to wait until marriage to so much as smooch her boyfriend, Drew.

In a follow-up clip, Kaytlin explained their decision to save themselves (and their lips) until marriage is based on a mutual agreement formed on their Christian faith.

Many TikTok users were perplexed by the couple's pledge, however, leaving comments asking if the two are just really close friends.

One particularly prying comment even asked if Kaytlin's boyfriend is gay. The pair responded to the query in another follow-up video.

"We were best friends, and then we fell in love," Drew shared. "So, everything that we do is to protect and look forward to more in the future. I want to marry this girl with every fiber in my being, believe me."

As for whether or not Drew is gay, his response? "Heck no."

TikTok users didn't buy it, though.

"Platonic life partners," one TikTok user commented under the clip.

"I can see the pain in his eyes. Bro is fighting back tears," another joked.

"First week of marriage is gonna be so awkward," someone else wrote.

"Bro fighting for his life rn," another user commented.

"Girl that is your FRIEND of two years," someone else quipped.

Kaytlin wasn't bothered by the criticism, though. She even shared another video explaining how their mutual decision has strengthened their bond and communication.

"Everyone has their own conviction," she said, adding that doesn't mean they think other couples who kiss are "sinners" who should "go to hell."

"You can all do it how you feel led to do it," Kaytlin continued. "Everyone has their own conviction, and you can do it how you want to do it ... Whether you kiss or not, that does not determine your salvation or how pure or impure you are."

"You do not have to have a relationship to the standards that the rest of the world says it needs to look like," she added, insisting relationships "can still be so healthy, balanced and prosperous even without certain physical elements."

Kaytlin didn't elaborate on what physical behavior she and Drew do allow in their relationship, but she did share they are intentional with their decisions to ensure they don't break their "no kissing" rule.

"We do not do anything that could potentially put us in a position where we could potentially kiss," she explained. "We do not do anything that could put us in a gray area where our boundaries are concerned."

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