Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars? In 2023 the first four humans (Mars One) will be sent to Mars to live on the planet forever.

The crew will depart in September 2022 and arrive on the far away planet in April of 2023. Every two years after that, another group will arrive on mars and establish the community. The people selected for the mission are not required to have any experience what-so-ever. In 2020 the living units, supplies and rovers will arrive on the planet, everything will be set up by the rovers and ready for the new colonist's to arrive. Interplanetary travel will take our species to an entire new level, this means that if something catastrophic was to happen to one planet or the other, our species will still survive; this is truly a giant leap for mankind.

Are you interested in applying for this life-changing mission? For more information on the mission or to apply visit this site: http://mars-one.com/en/