Growing up, most everything we ate was homemade. That would include my mom making her own bread to turn into biscuits or rolls or even making her own cornbread. Quick and easy is the name of the game for dinner nowadays. Pillsbury certainly helps with their variety of bread in a can. Now, you can pick up corn bread to pop open and serve with dinner.

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This is Pillsbury's latest product, Pillsbury Cornbread Swirls. Not sure what the "swirls" has to do with the title. Makes it sound like more of a dessert. But this is basically cornbread in a can. Pop it open, remove the swirled (I guess that's the swirl in the title) dough, place it in a muffin pan and in about twenty minutes, you'll have some mouth watering cornbread.

Each can will make six muffins. As with any Pillsbury product, you won't need a lot to make them, just a muffin pan and some non-stick spray. Open the can just like you would their biscuits and separate the dough. says to not unroll the dough. Place each piece in a cup of the muffin pan to bake on 375 for between thirteen to seventeen minutes.

Take 'em out, add some butter and Boom!, quick and easy cornbread. This does beg the question, could you take that same dough, squish it together and make cornbread in a cast iron skillet? Hmm. You know what, I need to head to the grocery store, pick some up and try it both ways.

Happy baking friends.

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