Young Thug was denied bail during a recent bond motion, but one of the viral moments of the whole court hearing came when the rapper asked to use the bathroom.

For hours yesterday (June 2), Young Thug appeared in court from the Cobb County Jail in Georgia via closed-circuit video. The livestream was made available by Atlanta's 11Alive News. During the hearing, Thug's attorney, Brian Steel, attempted to convince Judge Ural D. Glanville that Thugger should be granted bond. The court hearing lasted for over four hours, with the rapper sitting in a small room staring at a screen the entire time, and only talking for a couple brief moments during the entire process. At one point late in the day, Thug couldn't help but request to relieve himself.

"Excuse me, Your Honor," Young Thug interjected, with his hand raised like a student trying to get a teacher's attention. "May I use the restroom? Or I need to be here? I been holding it for a long time."

Young Thug's request drew chuckles from some of the people in attendance. "That's not funny," Judge Glanville said before obliging Young Thug's request and taking a short recess. When the court resumed, Judge Glanville admonished those who made an outburst.

"All are welcome. However, if you feel that you cannot govern your behavior or have acceptable conduct, please, you can exit the court room and nobody will be the wiser." Glanville said. "If you make any outbursts, or statement or anything that these law enforcement professionals in this courtroom deem inappropriate, you will be removed from the courtroom."

Overall, the hearing did not go as planned for the rapper. Young Thug was denied bond once again after offering an impressive bond package. During the hearing, the prosecution revealed they have proffers from members of YSL who name Young Thug as the alleged violent leader of what the Fulton County, Ga. District Attorney is calling a criminal syndicate.

"There have been significant proffers about Mr. Willams being a danger to the community," Judge Glanville surmised before giving his ruling to deny bond. "In particular, the state's proffer that they have spoken...taken proffers from other gang members and people who are in this particular indictment and not in this indictment that [Young Thug] is the leader of the gang, he is dangerous, and if he crosses them, he will kill them or their families."

Attorney Brian Steel has released a statement to XXL following Thug's denied bond motion.

"I will not stop my focus and passionate pursuit to ethically, lawfully and zealously clear Mr. Williams from these baseless charges," the statement reads. "We will dissect the prosecution’s argument in opposition to bail and will then file a detailed Motion for the Honorable Court to reconsider the ruling on bond. We will ask for another bond hearing."

Young Thug, Gunna, Yak Gotti and 25 other people affiliated with YSL were indicted on RICO charges on May 9, with the authorities accusing the label of actually being a violent street gang founded by Thugger in 2012. Young Thug faces even more drug and weapons charges following a raid on his home the day he was arrested.

Young Thug, Gunna and Yak Gotti have been denied bail multiple times. The trial date for the YSL case has been set for Jan. 9, 2023.

See video of Young Thug being laughed at for his bathroom request below.

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