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It might be time to change your computer passwords. All of them, for everything from emails to bank accounts.

Why? Because your password can probably be hacked VERY quickly. Potentially in less than one second...and that's not a joke either.

TechnologyDecisions.com reports that over 70% of all passwords can be hacked in less than one second. It's actually a problem that's getting worse too. In 2019 the number of passwords that could be hacked in less than one second was 70%, in 2020 that number moved up to 73%.

The data put together by Technology Decisions came from the tech company NordPass. Who also put together the list of the most common passwords of 2020, which is almost a direct reflection of those easy to hack passwords.

According to NordPass the most common passwords last year were:

15 - 000000

14 - Million2

13 - abc123

12 - qwerty

11 - 1234567

10 - senha

9 - 1234567890

8 - 12345

7 - 123123

6 - 111111

5 - 12345678

4 - password

3 - picture1

2 - 123456789

1 - 123456

NordPass says the safest of these 15 is the 3rd most used password, which is "picture1". That password reportedly takes about 3 hours to crack, and was only compromised a fraction of the time the rest of the list was. The next safest was the 14th ranked password, "Million2", which also took 3 hours to crack. But that password was cracked about ten times as often as the 3rd ranked password.

If your password lands anywhere on this list of 15, it's time to change it...RIGHT NOW.


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