Whataburger is doing something a little bit different. We would expect no less from our Texas based burger chain. They are asking you to put a spotlight on non-traditional heroes. Like that one guy that always gets forks and napkins for the entire table. How does he always remember to be so thoughtful.

The guys that originally created Whataguy, the Whataburger mascot, are going to immortalized these people. It seems fairly easy to submit one of these requests using social media, or right from their website.

Today, Whataburger is kicking off its #Whatamoments campaign – an initiative geared to bringing everyday heroes to life through a collection of traditional, vintage comic strips, Whataburger-style. Check out more on the initiative on our Facebook page here.

Whataburger Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the smallest actions can create the biggest impact.

Two professional illustrators are helping turn all Whataburger’s Hometown Heroes into a work of art: Texas-based Ryan Parker, and John Sprengelmeyer, who created Whataburger’s mascot, Whataguy.

If you’ve got a hero in mind, head to our What's Cookin' digital newsroom and tell us your story and we may just bring it to life.

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