I have been working out like crazy for the new year. I found a trainer and he kicks my butt twice a week and offers an additional boot camp session on Saturdays. Ever since he got a hold of me, no liquid other than water has passed my lips. I've concentrated on drinking lots of water, putting plenty of whole foods in, including lots of protein and reduced carbs. I haven't had anything fried in weeks. I haven't had any king cake or cookie cake. I've been rocking Green yogurt, celery, natural peanut butter and the like. I'm even thinking of trying the Body by Vi shakes. I walk around sore, like I'm two decades older than I am. I also ride with my riding instructor several times a week as well as doing lots of outside work trying to get our new house ready to go. If I don't drop these extra pounds soon, I promise I'm calling foul! If I do, I'll buy myself an LSU bikini and rock it in public. I really want to buy that bikini! If I drop my goal, I'm getting the girls put back where they belong on my chest. Just sayin'! If you're trying to remake yourself as well, email me. We'll do it together because there's strength in numbers!

I wanna be all fit and trim like my buddy Queen Nicky!