I had heard about this crash but I didn't put two and two together until I saw the pictures of Caleb and his brother Colton together.  The Moore brothers were in Lufkin on October 12th and 13th during Team Motor Jam's Monster Mania.  I know this because I took a picture of them together with the Team Motor Jam staff.  I believe he even signed my son's ticket.  The Krum, Texas-native was very reserved, yet still seemed to be having a good time.  Colton and Caleb both signed anything and everything and sat until the last person in line was talked to and taken care of.

Over this past weekend both were injured at the Winter X Games in Colorado.  Caleb with a concussion and bleeding around the heart, and Colton with a separated pelvis.  Colton was released from the hospital, but Caleb's heart issues also effected his brain.  He walked away from the accident initially in this video, but this was his last jump.

On behalf of Team Motorjam and K-FOX 95.5, I would like to say this young man will be missed and our prayers are with his family.

People are helping the family with hospital bills of almost 300,000 dollars.  If you would like to help just go to www.giveforward.com/calebmoore.

Instead of showing the crash, I thought we would celebrate his accomplishments.  He was truly great.