Recently on facebook I came across an event called East Texas Scavenger Hunt. The graphic there and information seen elsewhere suggest that this is legit. This is also underlined by the fact that it's associated with the name of a local MLB player Brandon Belt. He definitely has $10,000, and it is the goal of the event is to lift the spirts of the area after a crazy 2020 here in Deep East Texas.

Brandon Belts scavenger hunt

There haven't been a lot of details released, and I am assuming that is on purpose. It isn't starting until February 6th. Up until that time they will be posting more details. Once all is revealed the search is on.

"To lift spirits after a rough 2020 one lucky person will win $10,000 cash. Catch is you'll have to find it first. An emblem will be hidden somewhere in the Lufkin area on Saturday February 6th. Find it and the money is yours!"

brand belt post

This isn't the first time the baseball standout from Hudson has done something like this. A quick look at his Instagram shows that he gave away a PS5 just before Christmas. 

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It's nice to see the Belt family giving back and showing a little love to the community they call home. We have a couple of weeks to wait for some clues, and more information. That way you can plan your strategy to win the money.

There has been conjecture about how the treasure hunt will be put together, but all we can do is wait. If the Belt's are fans of the Netfix show Outer Banks, it could be quite the mystery. I will let you know here if we get more details.

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