I took some time this past weekend to visit Downtown Lufkin to experience firsthand what it is like while construction is in progress. I went to Restoration Bistro and had the Strawberry Fields Salad (highly recommend), then went for a walk on the newly fenced-off sidewalks.

Before I got to the restaurant, I had to change my regular route to downtown. I went through the City Hall parking lot, and while I was there I noticed the "Locked With Love Tree" fully cemented in at Louis Brounaugh Park.

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This downtown monument was first unveiled to the public on February 10, 2016. It was formally located in Cotton Square and doesn't appear to be going back. I didn't see it in the mock-ups of the new plans for that area.

Locked With Love Tree Has Been Relocated Permanently In Lufkin?

If you professed your love by the tree and sealed it with a lock, you won't get the same experience when you visit. I'm glad it is somewhere nearby.

As I was walking downtown I noticed the construction fences made the area much darker. Strings of lights were added and made the walk safer.

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When someone comes from the opposite direction, pass each other with care. The sidewalks are narrower than before.

See What Is On The Other Side Of The Fence In Downtown Lufkin

If you are visiting downtown Lufkin to do some shopping, here is what to expect.

Look Over The Fences In Downtown Lufkin

Crews are already hard at work to make a new vision in Downtown Lufkin a reality.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

Shop Downtown Lufkin via Facebook
Shop Downtown Lufkin via Facebook

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Langston Construction/facebook/visit lufkin
Langston Construction/facebook/visit lufkin

Lia's Kitchen Closes For Good

Lufkin's only bastion of Vietnamese and other Asian infusion closes up shop in Downtown Lufkin. Owners will continue to operate Iron Grill in the South Loop Crossing with all of our favorite menu items from Lia's Kitchen.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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