On Sunday August 16th at around 7pm a large wood fire was spotted in the 1200 block of Evan's Gann Road off of FM 706. It could be seen between Evans Gann and Autumn Lake in Hudson. Autumn Lake is right off Penn Bonner Road, and close to Hudson schools. You can see that a dry few weeks made conditions perfect to get this little fire going. I was near a subdivision and Hudson VFD sprang into action.

The list of all the smaller departments coming together to help put it out is long. Thanks to Central VFD, Diboll VFD, Fuller Springs VFD, Apple Springs VFD, Groveton VFD, and the Texas Forest Service. All of these small volunteer departments joined together to assist Hudson with the woods fire. If you live in one of those areas, now you know that all of these smaller VFD have each others back.

The Texas Forest Service brought out a bulldozer, and helped make a fire line around the fire preventing it spreading further. Just as that fire was completely out, a strong line of thunderstorms rolled thought East Texas. Many residents in our immediate area are still without power. That storm had so much lightning, it was almost daylight.

One lightning strike started a fire on Penn Bonner RD. That fire was put out the same way, with lines plowed around it to contain it. Residents are being advised that there will be some smoke in the area from these fires for the next few days. Both fires are under control and out. All of this the day before school starts was a bit of a mess for Hudson.

Hudson Volunteer Fire Department



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