While most people appearing on stage at the 2014 Emmy Awards bent over backwards to be polite and respectable and as totally inoffensive as possible, comedian Billy Eichner doesn't care! The internet video celebrity and 'Parks and Recreation' co-star brought his delightful 'Billy on the Street' series to the stodgy ceremony and now the rest of the show has to live up to it.

Like the online versions of the sketch, Eichner takes to the streets and starts running into random pedestrians, asking obtuse questions and giving away hilariously small amounts of money if they agree with him or get the question right. Eichner isn't afraid of taking his comedy right to the edge of obnoxious and the results are always funny.

What makes this edition special is that Emmy host Seth Meyers is around for the ride and many of the questions are at his expense, with one baffled civilian completely unable to identify him. The rest of the rapid fire questions revolve around nominated and snubbed shows and performers, with Meyers acting as the perfect deadpan straight-man for Eichner's insanity.

Okay, we'll say it: petition to get Eichner to host next year. The Emmys will never be the same.

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