Apparently, there was some great stuff under the tree on Christmas morning...for everyone but poor ole Mom. The web is buzzing about SNL's holiday sketch, and we have a feeling East Texas moms might be able to relate.

Oh, moms, Christmas is such a strange holiday for us, isn't it?  We spend weeks shopping hard so everyone's wishes come true and we plan it just right so that everyone has an equal number of gifts under the tree so nobody feels bad.  And then on Christmas morning we look at the mantle and notice that our stocking is the empty one, hanging next to the ones that are dripping with gifts. In fact, sometimes the other stockings are so heavy that they have to sit on the floor, and ours is the lone hanger because, well, it's empty.

My stocking was empty Christmas morning and everyone else in the room had at least something small in it.  Even my dad got a 2-pack of Chapstick.  Ha!  My mom stuffs his stocking with lip balm every year because, like clockwork, he runs out every December and she was there once again with the replacement.  But kids under twelve have a hard time stuffing stockings and therefore, mine was the lone hanger.  And it was okay.

Kristen Wiig nails it in the SNL sketch, "Christmas Morning." While the rest of the family is padded with gifts like a watch, a telescope, a drum set, a phone, a drone, a laptop, Mom gets a robe.  Well, and a nasty burn from the oven when she stops to make pancakes in her new robe, but she doesn't say anything because she's used to hiding the pain.  

The Today Show posted some of the reactions from moms around the web, and apparently, robes were a pretty hot gift this holiday season.  And most moms wouldn't have it any other way.

I don't know about you, but the older I get the less I look forward to receiving gifts and the more I look forward to giving them.  So, next year, maybe cozy robes for everyone?

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