After spending the last year or so conquering the rap world, 21 Savage is now looking to the sky. According to TMZ, 21 has been taking flying lessons for the last five months in the hope of getting his own pilot's license. Yesterday, the Atlanta rapper took his girlfriend Amber Rose for a one-hour flight between Miami and the Florida Keys. It was his first-ever solo flight.

Also accompanying 21 and Amber was his flight instructor and his friend Shy D. In the moments preceding the flight, Amber recorded her own reaction to the impending takeoff and 21 posted up in the cockpit preparing to lift off in the small airplane.

Apparently, 21's always wanted to be a pilot, but being one isn't exactly cheap. It costs $10,000 to get a pilot's license. He can obviously afford that now, so he's putting some of his money into getting his license, though he could still be a ways away from getting one.

21 taking Amber on his first-ever solo flight is yet another sign the two have become kind of inseparable as of late. At the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival Bay Area, he serenaded her in love songs. Possibly adding to that image, Amber recently joked that she needed sex from 21 any chance she could get it.

"I demand sex every day from my boyfriend, absolutely," she told TMZ a few days ago. "It's very healthy."

Check out video of 21 Savage flying a small airplane for yourself below.


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