East Texas farmers have been producing some tasty things through the summer and fall, the Lufkin Farmer's Market will celebrate that with a food and wine pairing event this Thursday.

The Lufkin Convention and Visitor's Bureau says this sit-down dinner on Thursday will feature four courses, and all of the local chefs will use fresh ingredients from farms within a 100-mile radius of Lufkin.  Brookshire Brothers will provide specialty cheeses, wines and beers.

Expect some fall tastes, which could mean cinnamon and apple and the ever-present pumpkin spice.  The idea is to bring in the fall colors, tastes, and smells, and create a nice dinner in what's been called a semi-elegant atmosphere.

The Fall Farm Feast starts Thursday with a wine-and-cheese hour with live music at 6pm at Angelina County Farmers Market, 2107 S Medford Drive, and runs until about 10pm.

The chefs are Britney Vinson, Kate Rudasill, and Tori Guy.

Let the can't-resist-good-food-weight-gain season begin!

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