We're sending out a friendly reminder to all you smartphone or DSLR owning snap-crazy East Texans. Archive the recent pictures you've taken!

Sometimes you may see something that jogs your memory and reminds you to back up all those images, but we're here to supply you with MOTIVATION in the form of three little reasons that it's really important to do before it's too late.

We're also going to give you four super easy ways to get those photos off your phone, and into the safe hug of the internet ... or some flash drive.

  • Send your photos to yourself through Facebook (Or Google Drive or something.)
  • Take some time to fully learn how your Cloud works
  • Digital storage: External hard drives, thumb drives, flashdrives, or whatever you want to call them ... They're really affordable now. You can get a 64GB stick that could hold over 12,000 JPEGS. That's a lot of puppy pics! Of course once you start using DSLR cameras, the number drops to around 300+. That's still pretty good.
  • Start using another device to take pictures or get a new SD card for your camera. (One of the easiest ways to get new space is to simply GET new space. Set that used SD card somewhere safe, and start using a new empty one.

I'm no expert, but these are just four ideas that popped into my head. Submit some suggestions in the comment section if I left something obvious out.

  • 1

    Phone Space

    One holiday has ended, but another big day is just around the corner. How annoying would it be to see your dogs, kids, or significant other actually sit still or do something cute, and your phone tells you there's not enough space!
    You quickly go to delete some old shots of some burgers you had six months ago, but your photo op shifts slightly and that organic moment is lost forever. Maybe we're being dramatic, but still.

  • 2


    Podody's Nerfect, and when it comes to technology, there's a lot we don't understand.

    What if somebody grabs your phone and pushes a few buttons, deleting a special moment you had neglected to send to someone or save somewhere else?

    What if your phone calls into one of those super common lava holes around town?

  • 3

    Your Last Goodbye

    This reason is a bit sad, but can bring a lot of happiness if done correctly.

    You honestly don't know when any given moment will be the last one you have with Grandpa, or your old dog Sparky.

    It's hard to think about losing a loved one, but you may have a snapshot of them in your phone you didn't realize you had.

    Taking a day to archive your pics might bring a tear to your eyes.

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