If you have ever shopped in Texas on Black Friday, you know things are a little different here. It can get rough out there, so here is a look at some tips that could help you out. Big city folk can ignore most of these. Only amateurs head out unprepared, and then they learn quick. If you come down behind the Pine Curtain and want the deals, take heed, and embrace the greed.

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    Bring Your Entire Family

    They are flanking you on all sides; did you bring your possey? You better! No one goes out alone to our big box stores and gets the deals. We have trucks just for this reason.

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    Shop Small

    Avoid the big national chains, and get into the Mom and Pop around the corner. Follow them on Facebook and you will be surprised at the deals. Some people shop small Saturday, but these places are also open on Friday. So hook yourself up, keep your money in your local community, and make a new friend - a friend that owns his/her own business.

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    Camp Out

    Committed shoppers camp out for the Black Friday Deals. If there is a store with an advertised price and advertised limit, there will be a camp out. We don't play - tents, heaters, TV's, coolers...you name it. If you think you are going to be first in line, ya wrong. We camp in the backyard for fun. This ain't nothing for us!

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    Get Social

    Get on Facebook and openly say that you are not going to shop Black Friday deals. Then sit back and wait for the private messages to stream in. They will fill you in on the best deals and try to recruit you onto their team. When you are just days away and don't have a plan, or a team, this is the last minute play. Get on there today and tell the world, "I am an early riser and raring to go, but I just don't see any deals that would make me go shopping on Black Friday".

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    Gear Up

    This is no joke; people have been killed on Black Friday. Store employees and customers have been trampled when shoppers surged the doors. We all have a friend that thought they were going to be a bull rider. Grab that stomp-proof protective vest and dad's steel toe boots. It might slow you down a bit, but at least you will be safe no matter what.