Little known extra ways to save while shopping for back to school, and a few reminders about what qualifies before we start shopping. Tax Free Weekend is Aug. 10 - 12, 2018 in East Texas. Even if you have already done all your back to school shopping, you can still enjoy some amazing deals.

  • Dimas Ardian, Getty Images
    Dimas Ardian, Getty Images

    Layaway, Layaway, Layaway

    Layaway's took a dive in the marketplace for a little while, but your mom's favorite way of buying stuff is back. Place an item on layaway or pay one off during this weekend, and save the tax.

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    Check Items For Tax Free Status

    Lots of things you wouldn't expect are tax free this weekend. Lots of things you think should be tax free, well, just aren't. Single items over $100 are not ever tax free, so getting that $170 pair of Nike's for the first day of school won't fly. But a $95 pair of cowboy boots, you can save the tax this weekend. CLICK HERE to see the list of things that are tax free.

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    Compare Prices

    Saving 8 bucks on a $100 dollar item, that is priced at $75 somewhere else, just doesn't make good sense. So make sure to do all the normal comparison shopping that you would normally do.

  • Andreas Rodriguez, ThinkStock Images
    Andreas Rodriguez, ThinkStock Images

    Shop the Sales

    Some retailers are doing sales on top of tax free weekend. So not only will you save the 8.25% you will also get whatever discounts they have going on. If you go to a store that has discounts on top of Tax Free Weekend, you are going to get a much better deal.

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    Clip Those Coupons

    Coupons are a always great way to save. For Tax Free Weekend, if you have them for the items that count, you could double or triple the value. Extreme Couponers know exactly what they were saving that coupon for, so do a little research before you leave the house, and print out some coupons for some stuff you know you will be purchasing.

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