Is that fresh tax return check burning a hole in your pocket? The local pawn shop is a great place to find a deal on one of these items, guaranteed to be there.

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    Everyone in East Texas has a horse. Ask anyone that doesn't live here, that's what they think. So why not perpetuate that stereotype by having a saddle in every last pawn shop. Yeeee Hawwww!

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    Video Games

    I say video games, but here it's all Call of Duty. If you aren't getting sweet head shots and modding your gun, you ain't from around these parts. PS4 or XBox One, we ain't picky.

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    Big Chainsaws

    We have more trees than people, just drive anywhere, you will see. These aren't just for lumberjacks that have jobs in the timber industry. If a tree falls on your road, you might not be able to get to work. We need chainsaws, so chop chop.

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    Hunting Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Home Defense Shotguns, Hand Guns, Pocket Guns. Just all types, and all kinds of ways, of the guns. Go to a Pawn Shop in New York City. They have stacks of Ipads. We have the guns.

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    In East Texas the word rings, somehow has an A in it.  Rangs all up in the pawn shops. From big men's pinky rings, to your first husbands wedding ring. You can find all kinds, just not nose rings.

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    Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, RedTube, YouTube, and other streaming services aren't real. Here we still prefer a hard copy.  If you don't pay the internet bill, they can't take your DVD's. We don't have blu ray's that's too fancy.  How does Keanu Reeves do that bullet dodge in the Matrix. I don't know, so lets watch it a hundred times, and see if we can master it.

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