It looks like 6ix9ine is getting himself a new professional circle. On Thursday evening (Nov. 15), the rapper hopped onto Instagram and announced that he'd officially let go of his entire team.

"I fired everybody [...] I don't got no manager. I got no booking agent. I got no PR. I got no publicist. I got nobody on my team. It's just me," he says in the video.

Elsewhere in his latest Insta announcement, Tekashi reveals that he's canceled the North American dates for his Tr3y Way Tour, which was supposed to begin in Austin, Texas today. He also adds a warning for those who want him to perform at their venue.

"If you're booking shows, do not book shows unless I say [...] They will steal your money. They're not me," says Tekashi, who recently accepted a plea deal that helped him duck jail time for allegedly assaulting a police officer. "I'm not signing no fucking contracts. That got nothing to do with me. Whoever is booking shows for Tekashi 6ix9ine is stealing your fucking money [...] If you're not on the phone with me, do not book that show, 'cause it's not me [...] I don't give fuck who you used to see me with, they're no longer around."

This news arrives just two days after former 6ix9ine associate Anthony Jamel Ellison was arrested for his alleged role in robbing and kidnapping the Brooklyn rapper over the summer.

According to TMZ's sources, Ellison was with Tekashi's camp before the "Gummo" rapper blew up, but became upset once he didn't get what he felt was enough money for his role in 6ix9ine's success. The 31-year-old has been indicted on one count of conspiracy to obstruct commerce by robbery, one count of obstructing commerce by robbery and another count of carrying a firearm to commit a crime.

Watch video of Tekashi announcing both the firing of his team and the cancelation of U.S. tour dates for yourself just below. See 6ix9ine's original Tr3y Way Tour dates in the post below that.

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