Whether we have a selfie contest happening or not, there are a few things you need to know when snapping a quick selfie.

However, currently we ARE doing a giveaway, and the winners of our latest contest won't be decided by us ... well, not just us anyway.

Your summer selfie submissions will be all gathered together and the rest of our listeners will let us know which selfies deserve a top spot in the Splash Kingdom Ticket Giveaway.

win tickets

Before you go taking selfies all over town, here are those 8 tips and tricks to make sure you've got more than luck on your side. We're not saying you have to follow any of these tips, and maybe you know more than we do, but we can at least offer some pointers to the beginners.


  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Group Up

    The more the merrier

    Selfies are great and everything, but the ones you share with friends or even strangers have a certain appeal that can't be denied.

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    Maybe use a selfie stick

    Look, we know it can feel dumb, but if you follow our first tip about grouping up, you might just need a selfie stick just to fit all your friends in the shot.

  • Creatas

    Show us you need the tickets

    These won't be selfies for selfies sake. You are trying to win tickets to Splash Kingdom for crying out loud. That means a selfie showing how hot and miserable you are could garner some sympathy votes when the time comes.

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    Sponsor Awareness

    This summer selfie contest is powered by our friends at Whataburger. If the words, "Product integration" mean nothing to you, you may need to conduct your own research on the matter.


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    Getty Images

    Shout Outs


    Snap the pics, send 'em to us, and then maybe share your picture or a tease of what's to come on your very own social media. Tag your friends, and they'll probably submit a selfie too. Before you know it, you are pretty much secured a ticket whether you win them or your bff takes you along as a guest.

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    Don't spend too much

    Less is more

    As you can see in our 4th tip, we created an example selfie that was a bit overboard. We're not telling you to buy the entire menu, but maybe just grabbing a cup, or displaying the logo could get you some extra love from the sponsors themselves.

  • Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin
    Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

    Showing US some love

    Yeah ... the radio station

    Also depicted in tip #4, you can see our subject is wearing a KFox 95.5 t-shirt.

    But Dan, I never came to one of your live appearances and nabbed a free shirt from you!

    Well, you can still tag us or spruce your selfie up with stickers and decorations before sending it our way.

  • 120 Sports, Facebook
    120 Sports, Facebook

    Get Creative

    Think outside the box

    We are going to leave this one a little vague because if we give specific tips, you'll all be doing the same thing and it kind of defeats the purpose.

    Just don't do anything dangerous.