There are so many places that are hiring workers. Back when we heard Lufkin was getting a Texas Roadhouse, there was a strong need for these kinds of jobs in our area. They won't have as issues finding some great team members here in the Pineywoods.

When you exit the Loop and drive past, there are tons of signs that mention their hiring hours. Monday-Saturday from 10am - 8pm you could stop by and get hired. You could just go inside and see what's going on in there.

Honestly with all the local rain fall, they got the location dried in just in time. I can imagine that all this precipitation is slowing things down a bit. 

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I personally still haven't heard a date that they will be officially open. I am just in the dark as everyone else. I do have the advantage of proximity. Every morning on the way to the station I pass by, so I keep tabs on how things are progressing.

Give it a shot and stop in and get that job. I've heard nothing but good things about working there. It's proximity to Lufkin Mall will allow you to do some shopping everyday after work.

I have never worked at a restaurant. Wait, I take that back. I was a DJ at a restaurant for a little while in downtown Lufkin. I did deliver for a pizza place, but never a sit down restaurant.

TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick
TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick

For now I will just ride this radio thing out and see how it goes. So far so good, and I appreciate you listening. Thanks!

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