Adele's big pregnancy announcement was slightly overshadowed by the TomKat divorce announcement that came the same day, but now that the dust has settled around the speediest divorce agreement ever, we can all focus on Adele's bambino news. Rumor has it (see what I did there?!) that Adele is way more pregnant than anyone knew, and that they baby will be arriving in about two months! She's a lady who loves her privacy, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

One of the things leading people to believe the rumors is that Adele didn't come to the the US for the Billboard awards in May. She was nominated for 12 awards... seems like you'd want to be there for that, right? But if you're in the later stages of pregnancy, traveling isn't recommended, which could explain her absence. She did show up for the British Ivor Novello Awards the same month, but that was in the UK and no flying was required. Plus, she wore a loose-fitting full-length black dress, she arrived late and avoided the photogs.

Of course she's staying mum (no pun intended) on the issue. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear a word about the arrival of Adele's mini-me until the kid is cutting it's first tooth!