In news that we're filing under "disgusting, but not surprising," reports have surfaced regarding a spate of terribly nasty tweets that were sent to Adele after word broke regarding the recent birth of her son.

The UK's Daily Mail reports on the outbreak, which started "just minutes" after the birth was announced, and included insults directed at the Grammy-winning singer and her baby as well as death threats.

As the report points out, Adele is far from the only celebrity to experience this side of social media -- Take That singer Gary Barlow faced a barrage of taunts and insults after his wife gave birth to a stillborn daughter in August -- but it's just as repellent as ever.

Having to deal with this sort of thing probably has a lot to do with why Adele and her boyfriend have kept a low profile since her pregnancy was announced; in fact, they've yet to release an official birth announcement. But that hasn't kept the internet trolls at bay -- or stopped various sources from sharing the new parents' happiness with the press.

"Adele has never been happier," said frequent songwriting partner Dan Wilson. "We've exchanged a couple of emails. Adele is in a good place. I'm concentrating on writing as many songs as I can."

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