If you've been seeing camera crews in Lufkin following a family around, it's for good reason, its for their TV show!

The Radkes make their debut on the USA Network tonight (Tuesday, June 4th) at 9:30. The six episode unscripted family sitcom centers around Melissa Radke from Lufkin. The show information page at usanetwork.com says,

This outspoken mom will give you her opinion on almost anything, even if you didn’t ask. She’s funny, charming and the life of every party…especially the ones she wasn’t invited to."

The show also features her husband David and their two children, Remi, 12 and Rocco, 9.

While talking with CBS 19's Bryan Boes, Melissa says in one of the episodes she talks to her daughter about the birds and the bees and comes shy of calling the show 'family' friendly!

It's great to see a local family get a shot on national television. Let's hope the show is well received and gets extended past the initial six episodes.

Thanks to the USA Network YouTube channel, you can see a full episode now!

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