It's the final days of what some have said is the best light display in Lufkin. Tonight and tomorrow night 5:30-8:30pm, are the last nights to drive through and see all of the lights and individually decorated areas.

This together with the list of homes to see in Lufkin, from the Parks and Recreation I am personally planning a trip around town to see all the lights. Wrap it up with a quick trip to see Rudolph downtown, and you have a solid family tradition.

They have a lot to see, and it's FREE. Yeah the one thing we like to hear in Lufkin. It's a free Winter Wonderland Drive Thru just for us. Included in the display are a Nativity Scene, Season Greetings, Cartoon Characters, and more.

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I really like all the inflatables they added this year. Donations are accepted, and greatly appreciated. They used the funds collected from last year to add to all the lights, and it's even better this time because of your donations.

It's located at the Angelina County Farmers Market in Lufkin, next To Del Rio. 2107 S.Medford, Lufkin 75901. Even though it closes at 8:30, as long as you are in line, they will keep it going.

The Angelina County Farmers Market is under new management and it continues to grow in popularity. This is a great way to get out and support our local farmers market in Lufkin. They could could be closed if it's raining, but the rain chances are slight, but more expected tomorrow December 23rd the last night.

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