We're thankful the baby wasn't hurt, but my goodness, why was it out there?

Maybe the better question is "How was it out there?" A viral video from Vietnam shows something straight out of every parent's worst nightmare. A baby crawling across the highway.

Seriously, my heart dropped when I first came across the video. Even though I knew nothing bad happened to the little one, it was still hard to press play.

In the footage, you see the literally baby crawling across the road, oblivious to the fact that it's life could be ending at any moment. The baby crawled directly into the path of an oncoming driver. Thank the good Lord above that this driver was aware of his surroundings and was able to stop in time.

At the end of the the video, you see someone, maybe the baby's mom or a simple good samaritan, come in and pick the child off and hurry it to safety.

Here's the footage!


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