Biscuit Eater Bakery & Grace 3 Patisserie are together inside Lufkin Mall. I got some great pictures when I stopped by. Look for them in the same space where Auntie Ann's was on the corner of the courtyard.  I got to go to the grand opening this past Saturday, and I got something from both bakeries. Light fluffy pastries from Grace 3 Patisserie and Bread Pudding from Biscuit Eater Bakery.  They were both delicious, and they are a great place to get some coffee in the mall. I got an Americano, and that was perfect as well. They have a nice big espresso machine.

Biscuit Eater Bakery -

Hey Guys! Our displays are stocked and we have out our speciality cupcakes. All of it is ready for you, along with some delicious cake slices and cake balls! Stop by the Lufkin Mall and pick up something sweet.

Biscuit Eater Bakery

So many different places have come and gone from the Lufkin Mall, but we all know where they used to be. Hopefully this is one place that will work out for the long run. I am glad to see a locally owned business thriving. Check them out during regular Lufkin Mall hours.


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