Getting an Airbnb in Austin can be a very expensive proposition. Widening your search to the town of Leander, Texas can get you a lot for your money.

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Though the minimum booking is 4 nights, this place is a steal for January. $113 dollars a night with room to sleep up to 14 guests is unheard of.

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It is the off-season and during more desirable times the price increases. Booking in April is $233 dollars a night, and still a deal for all you get.

Leander is just 30 minutes from Austin, Texas

Looks like plenty of people have taken them up on this great deal, and there are already a lot of nights booked. If traffic is light, Leander is just about a 30-minute drive from Austin.

Traffic is getting worse in Austin these days, so sometimes it could be up to an hour. You just have to take that into account if you have plans in Austin.

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Even if you don't make it to Austin, you can enjoy some great Texas Hill Country views off the private patio. You might never want to leave, once you see the space-themed game room with a pool table.

Long Term Stays Are Available At This Leander Texas Airbnb

The lower price encourages long-term stays, and with so much room people have been booking this place to house their entire family at Thanksgiving.

The best thing about the space is all the great murals. I have never seen anything quite like it before. Take a look around.

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