Gone are the lazy days of eating boring old push pops, or flavor ice. Barq's has a new creation that is sure to melt your sugar loving heart. Barq's New Frozen Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream Float is coming to a store near you. It's not just some root beer flavored vanilla ice cream from a generic company. Barq's is serious stuff, owned now by the Coca-Cola Company.

They will be stocking this in your grocers freezer soon, and it is already in some places. I remember having Coke floats as a kid with some Blue Bell ice cream. That was amazing, but then some days, you had Barq's Root Beer instead of Coke. That was the good stuff, and it just screams summer.

To get that flavor, you would have to make sure you had vanilla ice cream AND root beer. This way, you skip the middle man, and get it all together. This way you won't have to get on your bike to go to the corner store to get one of the missing ingredients. You will however need to get on a bike, or treadmill at some point to burn off the calories.

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