If you love Bed Bath & Beyond, you will have 4 less locations to go to in the state of Texas. Business are cutting the fat, and trimming back under performing stores during the current pandemic.

This time it's Bed Bath & Beyond - closing 63 stores in 29 states. Texas is slated for 4 of those cuts, and will come out of it better than most. Looking at their full list of closures, California and New York are each closing 6 stores statewide.

The New Jersey based retailer has 73 stores in the Lone Star State. Now they will have 69, wait is that a joke? I guess it's just a coincidence. Luckily in Texas, it seems the larger towns, with more than one store in the area will take the hit. USA Today first reported the closures last week.

Texas Store Locations Closing

  • Austin - 9333 Research Blvd.
  • Hurst - 853 Northeast Mall Drive
  • Missouri City - 5752 Highway 6
  • Watauga - 7616 Denton Highway


By the end of the year, the deed will be done. Stores closed, taking 2800 jobs total. Some of the stores have been closed since the pandemic started, and now this will make it permanent.

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Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ: BBBY) stock, isn't actually doing that bad. It closed today at 13.93 (09/24/2020) and has been up. The company is doing what it must do to survive, they aren't really reacting, as this could be happening in any business climate.

Since the start of the pandemic they have ramped up their online business. Their new CEO Mark Tritton has the tools to turn the company around, once the corona virus is a distant memory.

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