All Access look at yesterdays 4th Of July Fireworks Extravaganza, wanna see how it all works?

We took lots of video at Ellen Trout Park this year. James even got to go behind the scenes and see how the fireworks display is done. We had a wrap up meeting this afternoon, and we don't know how good we have it.

This is the best 4th of July Fireworks Display. It's like we are all friends with Mike Love and we are just at his house, and he likes fireworks. Mike Love & Associates Law Firm brought back fireworks to Lufkin 12 years ago. We realized there were kids that are walking around that don't even know anymore that we didn't have fireworks. He has altered the reality of living in this town.

Do you see Tom Hanks in this video?

I would also like to stress how hard the City Of Lufkin works to make this easy. It is NOT a traffic nightmare. We were back at the station at 10:30....fireworks started around 9:15 and it was over around 9:47. When we left, we were one of the only vehicles left, and this is after we packed up.  So hats off to Lufkin Fire, Police, Street, and Recreation Departments for making this so smooth.

We already have the fireworks ready for next year. Only 364 days left to get ready.  See you at Ellen Trout Park 2018 Wednesday July 4th!

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